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Silhouette, Skeleton, Muscular, Final

Silhouette and Skeleton

Silhouette mash-up

Horse based mammalian variations

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Title: The Rover

World: Earth

Timeline: ~7,000 BCE to Present

Main Character: Rover Godfate

Log-Line: The world is Earth and the time frame is late Ice Age to present day. All mythological creatures exist but are eventually killed off due to Rover. Story takes place in Northern Europe during the Medieval Ages.

Story: Rover is a man born in the late Ice Age. He fancied himself a "monster slayer" who at first did such for charity then later for riches. During the beginning of his time monsters did roam the world (the minotaur, sea serpents, etc,) but because of him they all disappeared. He dabbled so much in the killing of creatures, that he angered the Gods. The Gods cursed him to be immortal to pay for his transgressions. His tale tells of his redemption and his travels.

Rover: Sex: Male
            Height: 5'5"-5'7"
            Weight: 180ish
            Hair: dark red
            Dominant: right hand, eventually becomes ambidextrous
            Athletic Build
            Covered in scars
            pale blue eyes
            Animal Comparison: The Weasel, sly, quick, and smart
            Strength: Bravery
            Weakness: Bloodlust
Relevance to History:
Vikings: Heimdall, was a part of the Heathen Army
Rome: The god Virtus, he helped sack Rome (the Visa-Goth)
Celts: The Myth of Dullahan
Chinese: Ying and Yang (HIs antagonist is the opposite)
Greeks:  Bellerophon, hero who slew the Chimera
South America:
North America (Indians):

Family and friends are cursed, Rover ends up having to kill them
Cause of the Inquisition
He is the cause of the Black Plague
In every Crusade
Burn Victim in Holocaust (early WW2), Escapes and becomes torture victim in Japanese Territory (Late WW2)
Was in Pompeii
Salem Witch Trials
Fall of Sparta
Fall of Troy
Fall of Babylon
Tortured by Vlad Dracul
Part of the Irish Rebellion of 1641/11 years war
French side of Agincourt

World Map:
Ice Age, Stone Age, etc

Anatomy Studies:

Character Creation:

Turn Around (start)